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How you can help

Join us to deliver food packages, teach computer skills to young adults, read to children, coach a sports team, distribute formula and diapers, run a social media campaign, or engage in one of the many other volunteer activities where you can make a difference in the asylum-seeking community.  Contact us for more information about our partner organizations and the projects happening now that can use your help.

  • Help us distribute food to those in need

  • Partner with us for a bar/bat mitzvah project

  • Visit one of our partner organizations

  • Invite an asylum-seeker or advocate to your community as a speaker

  • Join us for a walking tour of South Tel Aviv

  • Visit a childcare center and donate books or toys

  • Volunteer to teach English or computer skills

  • Invite us to give a presentation for your synagogue, church, or Federation

  • Donate to help resettle a vulnerable family in a warm kibbutz community

Volunteer with us!

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Ways to Donate

These organizations do important work to support refugees and asylum seekers in Israel:


To provide assistance for children, you can donate to:


The Levinsky Library


Invisible Kids

Legal Aid

To help provide legal aid, you can donate money to: 




Hotline for Refugees and Migrants


To help provide humanitarian aid, you can donate money to:


Pesia’s Kitchen (scroll to the bottom)



To help organizations provide vocational training and opportunities, donate to:

African Student Association


Kibbutz Resettlement



To help provide refugees and asylum seekers health care you can contribute to:


Physicians for Human Rights Israel


To assist women in the refugee population, contribute to: 

Eritrean Women's Community Center



Do you have specific skills or items you'd like to contribute? Contact us and we can help you direct your contribution to an appropriate organization or project.

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